Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Deep Sea Fishing Gold Coast

 Introducing a Great Opportunity to experience Deap Sea Fishing Gold Coast...

The Gold Coast has a great reputation for deep sea fishing. But if you don't own a boat it can be tricky to experience what's down there at the bottom of the ocean. The best option for you might be to choose of the Gold Coast Fishing Charters.

Frenzy Charters  is a leading company that specializes in Gold Coast fishing trips on their impressive vessel called Krabbey Kat. They have a tailor made trip aimed at experienced fishermen that takes fishing to new depths. You can experience an 11 hour deep sea fishing trip to the continental shelf and fish at depths of 400m to 600m.

Info from Frenzy Charters:

New to the south east coast of Queensland we head east to our favourite spots on the edge of the continental shelf.   Suited for all but not your usual "hands on" fishing adventure but A UNIQUE opportunity to sample some of the hidden treasures of the deep.  Usually only experienced by professional fisherman we target giant Bass Groper/Hapuka and the much sought after Blue Eye Trevalla. (Both exceptionally good table fish).  We utilise heavy duty electric reels and when sea conditions permit, braided fishing lines can be shared amongst guests while fishing waters ranging in depths from 400 to 600m.

If you want a challenge because you've been there and seen everything there is to in relation to fishing, then this trip is for you.

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Gold Coast Fishing Charters: Some Serious Fishing

When you book a Gold Coast fishing charter you want to embark on some serious fishing. And serious fishing requires a serious boat. That's exactly what we have.

Introducing Krabbey Kat: Your vessel for the ultimate Gold Coast Fishing Trip 

Krabbey Kat was custom built in Brisbane in 2004 for the commercial fishing industry and is the passion of Skipper Gary and first mate Noelle. It can travel at a fair lick with a top speed of 22 knots and is a good size at 11.5m in length. Krabbey kat can easily accommodate 12 passengers with enough room to catch some serious fish and enough space to have a pleasant stay on board with a BBQ lunch. Reef fishing, deep sea fishing and more is a breeze as we have a huge variety of fishing rods on board including electronic rods with fishing depth of up to 600m.

To a certain extent your Gold Coast fishing trip can only be as good as your vessel and Krabbey Kat can provide you with a tailor made fishing experience that you will remember for a long time.


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Looking for the best Gold Coast fishing Charters?

Do you want to experience the incredible fishing that is on offer in the Gold Coast? If you do then you are in luck. Frenzy Charters offer the most action packed Gold Coast fishing trips you could imagine thanks to charismatic skipper Gary Cotterril.

Want to know what to expect?

First things first, why not browse snapshots taken from previous Gold Coast fishing charters...

Fishes you might catch on your fishing trip: Snapper, Pearl Perch,Teraglin, King Fish, Amberjack,Wahoo, Dolphin Fish and other quality table fish.

Fishes at certain times of the year: Marlin, Tuna, Shark, Mackerel, Hapuka/Groper, and the much sought after Blue Eye Trevalla

 Whether you are looking for a day of fun family fishing or if you want soome really serious fishing, we can cater to all of your needs.


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