Sunday, May 8, 2011

Queensland Fisheries Management

WHY DID I BOTHER?With regards to the six week ban taking Snapper, Pearl Perch and Trag back in December, posted letter to state minister for primary industries.
I basically wanted to know why he had signed off on this policy with no understanding on how it would impact on charter operators in SE Queensland, and do absolutely nothing to assist the sustainability of these fisheries.
4 Months later this was his reply
Dear Gary
Thank you for your letter of 15 Dec 2010 to the Honourable Tim Mulherin MP, former Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Rural and Regional Queensland concerning management of the Queensland Rocky Reef Fin Fishery. As the issue now falls within MinirterWallace's portfolio your letter has been referred to me for direct reply.
The Department of Employment, Economic and Innovation (DEEDI), has released a (RIS) proposing new management arrangements for the fishery, aimed at effective management of Snapper stock over a 10 year period.
As an update I can advise that the Queensland Government has decide to remove the proposal to charge a fee for recreational snapper permit. Consultation about the rest of the proposals presented in the RIS closed on 8 April 2011.
Thank you for your interest in this matter I have forwarded your comments to Fisheries Queensland For consideration.

Gold Coast Fishing ReportFishing the wider grounds off Point Lookout producing quality Pearl Perch. Snapper showing up in good Nos on the 36 fathom reefs (smallish fish) in close off the Gold Coast fishing slow with only a few trag.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fishing Gold Coast using electric reels

NSW advisory council on recreational fishing has recommended banning the use of electric reels with the exception of use by handicapped people. Probably driven by greens and the commercial sector.
Queensland Fisheries typically haven't followed the NSW  approach to fish management, so hopefully they will leave this bad idea alone.
Electric reels have become popular and still growing, mostly used to fish the continental shelf, and to assist aged and handicapped people enjoy their fishing. Its argued that using an electric reel isn't fishing, but ask the same person to give up his modern day electronics and the subject changes.
We enjoyed a charter to the continental shelf yesterday with a local fishing club and had some seniors amongst this group,  the eldest being Stan, 86 years young.  Using electric reels meant that everyone was equal and the same experience enjoyed by all. Where would you draw the line with age and handicap, the problem is not with electric reels but policing catches.
The bag limits for deep water species of Blue Eye Trevalla and Bass Groper in Queensland waters needs to revised as a matter of priority.  At present there is no limit on Blue Eye Trevalla and five Bass Groper may be kept, far to generous, wake up Queensland Fisheries.

This weekend  the weather bureau confused Gold Coast boaters and fishermen with strong wind warnings, charters where cancelled only to find light winds .
Fished the Continental shelf yesterday.  After a slow morning fishing picked up for a good catch of Blue Eye Trevalla, the biggest going 33kg.  Gem Fish and Rock Cod topped the day off.
In close Trag and a few Spanish Mackerel were caught on the 18's and 24 fathom reefs off the Gold Coast.
Today the first Humpback Whales were sighted migrating north.  This also signals the start of our Snapper season.
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