Sunday, April 24, 2011

Full Day Fishing Charters Gold Coast

Gold Coast fishing charters have been hit hard with tourism numbers way down and our local market affected heavily by floods and cyclones. Queensland Fisheries closures and lack of regulation on charter fishing licenses ie no capping of licenses, have also added to our pain.   This has lead to most Gold Coast fishing charter operators offering  heavily discounted charters.   People shopping around for the cheapest price will get what they pay for and it is hard to feel sorry for them. At Frenzy Charters we have gone the other way.  In fact the value of our charters have risen, now offering a 10 hour charter to fish more remote grounds, breakfast on arrival, bbq and fresh gourmet rolls. Daily prizes and fish of the month competition.  Our competitors all claim to have the biggest, fastest, best of everything, this all means nothing if you're not where the fish are.

The fishing leading up to Easter has been great.  Pearl Perch have been in good numbers off Point Lookout and the 36'sNE of Gold Coast seaway producing Snapper early morning.  Yesterday for the lucky ones, the odd Spanish Mackerel, small Spotty Mackerel were caught in close. 
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gold Coast Fishing Charter Reports 17th April 2011

Regularly we hear from visitors to the Gold Coast, went on a Gold Coast fishing charter last year, caught nothing, bad experience all round. DON'T let poor quality Gold Coast fishing charters spoil your fishing day. Avoid terms like, DISCOUNTED, LOWEST GUARANTEED RATE, CHEAP, HOT SPECIAL unless your looking for an over crowed boat ride.
On the fishing front HOT and COLD. With calm seas Thursday, Friday and Saturday the 50 fathom reefs fished good for mixed bags of, Snapper, Pearl Perch and Pig Fish. In close on half day charters Trag and the odd Snapper. Sunday 17th  fresh southerly winds, conditions still okay fished the 50 fathom reefs NE of Gold Coast, But fishing was slow very slow with only a hand full of Pearl Perch, Snapper and parrot fish. Had a drop on the 36s sounder showed little of interest, caught heaps of through back Snapper.
April and May have typically been known as transition periods as water temperture drops, Expecting to see the first Whales migrating North any day. Visit our web site

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gold Coast Fishing Charter Reports

The Brisbane Tinnie & Tackle show was a great success.  Numbers were down on Friday due to the wet weather, Saturday and Sunday the car parks were full and their were long queues at the check outs.  The Charter Division stand was manned by Frenzy Charters (Noelle) and Keith from Incredible Charters.  This was a great promotional opportunity for charter operators in south east Queensland.  The raffle was a huge success and won by Perry from Brisbane. 
On the fishing front the weather has been fairly ordinary on the Gold Coast with no activity during the week.  We fished Saturday 9th April on the 50 fathom reefs NE of the Gold Coast for a good catch of Pearl Perch, Snapper and larger Pig Fish. Finished off the day on the 36's east of Jumpinpin for a hot bite of pan size Snapper.  Sunday 10th April saw the weather improve dramatically with  glassy conditions and very little current.  Fished the 50 fathom reefs SE of Gold Coast for a mixed bag of Snapper, King Fish, Pearl Perch, King Snapper and Flathead.  As the water temperature drops expect Snapper and Pearl Perch to be more plentiful.  There has also been big areas of Striped Tuna and along the beaches Bull Sharks have been chopping into bait fish. 
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gold Coast Fishing Reports

Snapper, Pearl Perch and Teraglin are back on the menu at least for the short term on the Gold Coast.
The no take of Snapper over the past six weeks would be of little benefit to fish stocks, as Snapper are not generally targeted at this time of year and no restrictions were applied to our adjoining NSW waters where commercial and recreational fishing of snapper is not regulated to the same degree as QLD.
The inclusion of Pearl Perch and Trag in this Closure had a devastating effect on our charters over this period. Although Mackerel fished reasonably good, two great seasons in a row, some days we missed out and guest went home for meat pies. I believe that this closure was politically driven and VERY CONCERNED THAT THE NEW MINISTER HASN'T RULED OUT 4 MONTH CLOSURES.
I won't be voting for Anna Blighs green labour party.On the bright side, our full day charters will now be targeting Snapper, Pearl Perch, King Fish and Amberjack. Follow us here for latest gold coast fishing reports and news.
2nd April
Fished the 50 fathom reefs caught Snapper to 5 kg Pearl Perch and Pig Fish. Great sea conditions and very little current.
3rd April
Wet and windy day caught Snapper on 36 fathom reefs east of the Gold Coast, moved into the 24s, for a good catch of pan sized Trag and Snapper. Reports of a few Spanish Mackerel early morning.
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