Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gold Coast Fishing Charters Reveiwed

Google.... Gold Coast Fishing charters confused and excited??  

This may help.

Web sites and glossy brochures are filled with big fish to wet your appetite, but this is not a true representation of every day we fish. In fact most operators on the Gold Coast have no intention of taking guests to fishing spots which will give them the opportunity to catch these fish.  Cheap discounted half day fishing charters have become very popular on the Gold Coast, great for first timers and social groups where catching a fish is a bonus. Keep in mind fuel costs are charter operators biggest expense.  Discounted charters are generally over crowded and to save fuel restricted to close over fished spots.  Full day fishing charters and travelling to wider more productive fishing grounds will at least give you a chance of catching fish as seen in advertising, keep in mind fish won't always bite. All operators claim to have the  biggest, fastest, newest and best of everything, all means nothing if your not where the fish are expected to be. Ask your preferred charter operator "will we be going to the 50 fathom reefs if required and if sea condition are suitable?".