Monday, April 11, 2011

Gold Coast Fishing Charter Reports

The Brisbane Tinnie & Tackle show was a great success.  Numbers were down on Friday due to the wet weather, Saturday and Sunday the car parks were full and their were long queues at the check outs.  The Charter Division stand was manned by Frenzy Charters (Noelle) and Keith from Incredible Charters.  This was a great promotional opportunity for charter operators in south east Queensland.  The raffle was a huge success and won by Perry from Brisbane. 
On the fishing front the weather has been fairly ordinary on the Gold Coast with no activity during the week.  We fished Saturday 9th April on the 50 fathom reefs NE of the Gold Coast for a good catch of Pearl Perch, Snapper and larger Pig Fish. Finished off the day on the 36's east of Jumpinpin for a hot bite of pan size Snapper.  Sunday 10th April saw the weather improve dramatically with  glassy conditions and very little current.  Fished the 50 fathom reefs SE of Gold Coast for a mixed bag of Snapper, King Fish, Pearl Perch, King Snapper and Flathead.  As the water temperature drops expect Snapper and Pearl Perch to be more plentiful.  There has also been big areas of Striped Tuna and along the beaches Bull Sharks have been chopping into bait fish. 
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